Graphic Design Senior at RISD + Creative Writer living in Harlem, NYC. My work focuses mainly on the conceptual and image-making side of graphic design, aiming to produce unique, meaningful intersections of visual design and semiotic storytelling.

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Motion Graphics + Animations

December 2020 - April 2021 – 2D Animation, After Effects, Photoshop, Premiere, Audition, 1280 x 720p

1: Portfolio Reel - A brief animation showcase promoting my style and work. The project included my first broad usage of camera movement over a large canvas rather than cutting between different scenes.  

2: Form In Motion - A concept promo for a TV special about the legacy of Swiss Design. This project taught me the fundamentals of hard-cut editing, filters, color/form inversion, and editing animations/transitions to match a particular soundtrack.

3: Anonymous? - This project, Typography Squared, focused on a 9 letter typographic grid template which we were allowed to customize to our liking to tell a short story. I chose the word “Anonymous”, creating a creepy ambience reminiscent of a basement cellar with a single flickering lightbulb overhead.

4: Color, Light and Shadow - My first foray into 3D animation and light rendering within After Effects.

5: Moving Parts - Similar to Form In Motion, this was created as a concept promo for a kinetic art installation. With a focus on kinetics and movement, I made my first strides into more complex transitions and visual animation.

6: Jazz Legends - Another promo piece created for a fictional Jazz TV channel. As the final project for Time, Sequence and Sound, the project was a showcase of the animation, form and color techniques I’d learned over the course.  

7: Natural Tools - Based on a project around virtual image collection, semiotic organization, and thematic juxtaposition. My direction was to create a loose, interpretive narrative around the images I’d compiled to create the illusion of a larger world described only through concepts.

8: Patchwork Mask - For the final project of foundation year Spacial Dynamics, I created a frame-by-frame digital collage animation about how color is used to paint broad strokes about race, multiculturalism and having a mixed ethnicity. I wanted to give the project the appearance of being stop motion in order to give it a more handmade, human quality.

9: Last Night’s Sleep - My pet peeve of overly loud motorcycles/cars on the streets of Providence inspired me to make a short animation about the disorientation of falling in and out of sleep. I approached the project with the intent to pay homage to surrealist photocollage in a more modern setting and using newer techniques, like AI neural network generation of patterns morphing with images using Deep Dream. Unlike past Surrealist photocollage, I had access to color and sound and so I utilized both to their fullest extent; to mimic dreamlike environments I morphed and saturated natural colors to become more vibrant, and placed a heavy empahsis on how sound evoked feelings and flowed through the timeline.

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Will Lotz ︎ RISD Graphic Design BFA Graduate + Creative Writer living in Harlem NYC. My work focuses mainly on the conceptual and image-making side of graphic design, aiming to produce unique, meaningful intersections of visual design and semiotic storytelling. Through my practice I strive to combine my passions within larger scale projects in the form of creative direction and management.

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